Piano with gull on beach

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September 4-26, 2020
Installation: Wild Energy by Annea Lockwood and Bob Bielecki
BrisFest 2020
Rainforest Walk, South Bank
Brisbane, Australia
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Latest Press

Burning Pianos and Whispering Rivers:
A Composer’s Journey

by Kerry O’Brien
The New York Times
November 8, 2019

New Recording

The secret life of the inaudible

The secret life of the inaudible
with Christina Kubisch
Streaming, Swirling, Converging
Wild Energy
Gruenrekorder (2018)
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Latest Interview

A conversation with Lawrence English on the occasion of the installation, Wild Energy, opening in the Brisbane Festival, Australia
September, 2020

From The Archives

Pauline Oliveros and Annea Lockwood

a meeting of remarkable minds, a live radio discussion between annea lockwood and pauline oliveros from december 1972

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