Bow Falls

video (2003)

Duration: 26:00

Program Note

This interpretation of Bow Falls is a collaboration in accord with the Earthscore Notational System. This notation assumes that there are patterns in waterflow that can be communicated electronically. Video artist Paul Ryan uses handheld camerawork, slow motion, reverse motion and negative color fields to compose four movements in video. Using only non-sync sound recorded at the Falls, both at the surface and underwater, Annea Lockwood composed a sound study which engages in a play of differences with the video images. The work was co-produced with the Banff Art Center in 2003.

Paul Ryan is an artist, author and teacher whose video works have been presented at the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and internationally. His program for a Hall of Risk in lower Manhattan appeared in the Venice Biennale. NASA published his Earthscore Notational System, on which Bow Falls draws.