Floating World

8 channel or stereo ‘tape’ (1999)

Recorded on Thousand Year Dreaming (Pogus, 2007)

Program Note

For floating world I invited friends who work with environmental sound themselves and who have a strong sense of place, to send me tape recordings they had made in places of special significance to them, places which are spiritually nourishing.

Places & People

Shell beach, Point Reyes, CA – Maggi Payne
Chimayo NM – David Dunn
Bellagio Italy – Larry Austin
N.Y. Public Library Reading Room – Chris Mann
Swallow Hollow GA – Sorrel Hays
Oak tree branches & wind, Sandia Crest NM – Steve Peters
Sonogram of her jugular & Flathead Lake MT – Ruth Anderson
Ocean, Paturau New Zealand – John Cousins
Gannets, Cape Kidnappers New Zealand – Philip Dadson
Peebles Island, Mohawk River NY – Warren Burt
Canal spillway, Yardley PA – Brenda Hutchinson